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Jumaat, 12 Februari 2010

Lesson to all

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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Perak State Assembly

Taking Perak Constitutional Crisis for example, I think Malaysian should have seen more than enough political struggles between BN and PR since 2008 General Election. The question is, “did we learn from the mistakes that we have done?” As a University student, I have seen and hear many political opinions from my friends. Most of them were Malaysian young voters or in other word, First Timer. During the election result is announced by the Election Commission, I can say that most of them voting for PR even when they say, “Our vote is a secret”. When been asked, “Who are you voting for? Party or Politicians?” Most of them will reply “Party”.

This is our first mistake, casting our vote for a party without considering who your future assemblyman can prove to be fatal. On what cost? The state government. As voters, there is little/nothing that we can do when our assemblyman become the “Leaping frog” in the Parliament or the State Assembly. For example, you are casting your vote for party A. And the party is able to form a state government thanks to your vote. But, it is a narrow victory with only a majority of one seat in the assembly. Then, the state government falls because defection of the party assemblymen for unknown reasons. And one of the “Leaping Frog” was actually your constituent assemblyman! When that occurs, what can you do then? Nothing…

Malaysian against party's hopping

In the history of Malaysia, there is three times where the state government fall causes by defects politicians.

  • In Terengganu. PAS government falls after two of its assemblymen join UMNO.
  • In Sabah. The PBS state government were only manage to stays in power for only two weeks
  • In Perak. The Pakatan Rakyat Government falls after 11 months.


Voting for a party is necessary in the 1955 when the country is fighting to gain independence. With only 52 seats contested out of 100 available seats in the Malaya Parliament at that time, there is no choice but to win at least 51 seats. The Alliances between UMNO-MCA-MIC at that time manage to gain the mandate after winning 51 out of 52 seats. PAS won the last seat. Later, Tunku Abdul Rahman formed the government and the Federation of Malaya gains its independence in 1957. After over 50 years of independence, can we use the same formula? Absolutely No.

Last but not least, both political entities BN and PR alike should improvise their assemblymen candidate especially not to field any inadequate candidates for the post. Just face it, politicians who only knew how to talk big, those with discipline problems, corrupted politicians, those who don’t want to wear the assembly ceremonial attire, and those who do not respect the royal family. Come on, we’re already in the 21st century. Is this the best that the political parties can offer? I’m sure they can do better.

For over 50 years governs the country, BN is the most experienced political entities in Malaysia, no doubt. In the case of Pakatan Rakyat’s government, I can say that they actually pretty good also. I have asked some of my relatives who resides at the PR states and I can say the PR Government actually gains their support and trust. Well Done.

Selasa, 9 Februari 2010

Victory for Zambry

Dr Zambry

With the 5-0 decision by the panel of Judges, Dr. Zambry position as Menteri Besar of Perak has been secured. This is a shock to all people due to the fact that court had previously declared Ir Nizar as the legal Menteri Besar of Perak. I have spent time browsing websites after Zambry is declared the rightful Menteri Besar. Various reactions I have read, those who accept and those who not. For those who do not accept the decision, the same question is raised, the transparency of the judiciary.

Now, the question is .. Can we accept results that do not favor us? Only two answers, Yes or No. If Yes, say Yes. If not, say no.


I've made a research of what happened in Perak. The situation is unique. Two political entities, BN and PR have the same number of assemblymen with 28 members and only distinguished by 3 independent representatives. Originally Pakatan Rakyat succeeded to form a government. However, the government fell 11 months later.

No need to ask who is responsible of all this and who should be punished. Instead, we should ask…. How should we solve this problem? I think for now, just be obidient and accept the court decision.


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