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Jumaat, 20 November 2009

PM to help solve crisis


With the MCA’s crisis gets deeper and deeper without any sign to ease, Prime Minister Najib who is also the Barisan Nasional’s Chairman will meet the faction of MCA in order to seek a solution to the party’s internal crisis. The Prime Minister will meet the MCA leaders before 28 November.

I will find time to talk to them and will see if there is a common ground. We will take it from there. Leave it to me.”
Prime Minister Najib (source)

The MCA recovery is vital for saving Barisan Nasional reputations. The Prime Minister hoped the other component parties within the coalition would make serious efforts in coming together and focus on the need to portray a positive new image for the BN. UMNO currently has been seen as stable and in its recovery state, even though still fights with the same internal problem over and over again, Corruption.

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