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Rabu, 23 Disember 2009

Dr Rosli resign


In order to protect the dignity and good name of the party, Dr. Rosli Abdul Kader Allani yesterday letting all of his office in either party rated state and Kota Bharu area with immediate effect. Former Special Officer to one of the exco members kelantan were releasing two positions he held, as the Chief Information Youth of PAS and the State Youth Chief Information PAS of Kota Bharu.

Dr Rosli Allani Abdul Kader

Dr. Rosli told the conference medium, although he is confident the right side, but in order to protect the good name of the party and community perception of the PAS, ready to give up his position immediately concerned. Announcement of his resignation was made as he does not want the Islamic party been associated with his personal problems.

His problem started when he married with his second wife, Ilyani Mohd Nor but the married did not blessed by his father in law, Ghazali @Mohd Nor Che Man. The matter gets from bad to worse when he becomes a victim of a marriage syndicate.

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